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Welcome!  We look forward to joining the fight for defending human rights while promoting psychological health and wellness on a multi-systemic level.   First things first- let us introduce ourselves!

Who are we?

ISP stands for Innovative Systemic Partnerships.  We seek to partner with communities around the world that share our passion for mental wellness and global health. Specifically, ISP International is led by three women of color psychologists. We not only are engaged in professional discourse about international psychology and human rights but our families are directly impacted by international conflicts, natural disasters, and human rights violations.  Therefore, our trainings offer a holistic perspective full of empathy and expertise.

What do we do?

ISP International provides services in Spanish and English.  We provide consultation and systemic interventions in the following domains:

  • Suicide Prevention
  • Child Maltreatment Prevention and Intervention
  • Human Trafficking Prevention and Intervention
  • Internal Displacement, Aslyee, and Refugee Issues
  • Posttraumatic Healing Initiatives

ISP International consultants provide needs based assessments, mental health change management initiatives, organizational training, and trauma informed treatment. More information about our specific service packages is listed on our Partnership Opportunities page.

Who are our partners?

Individuals and organizations benefit from our services. Specifically, our partners include government agencies, corporate entities, clinical practices, non-profit agencies, universities and schools, religious agencies, international relief agencies, and grass roots initiators. Visit our Partner List for more examples.

How to get started?

Call (470) 485-1477 to speak with our team about your individual or organizational needs.  Visit our Contact Page to schedule your complimentary phone consultation.



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