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Cultural Spotlight: Pasaquan

ISP International is dedicated to global healing and many of our experiences take place outside of the United States.  However, we recognize that there is an abundance of cultural environments within the U.S. that are accessible and worthy of the spotlight.

I recently had the opportunity to visit a South Georgian cultural oasis with my family and it was magical for the adults and children. The grounds are very vibrant! More information about Pasaquan can be found on the Columbus State website.

Pasaquan is an internationally recognized visionary art environment located in Buena Vista, Georgia. Today, Pasaquan is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered among the most important visionary art environments in the United States.  CNN dubbed Pasaquan one of “16 Intriguing Things to See and Do in the U.S. in 2016.”

Eddie Owens Martin, a self-taught Southern artist, drew inspiration from many colorful cultures to develop the 7-acre, internationally recognized visionary art environment known as Pasaquan.

Martin also changed his name to St. EOM (pronounced Ohm) and became the first Pasaquoyan. He continued to work on the art environment for 30 years, creating six major structures, mandala murals and more than 900 feet of elaborately painted masonry walls.

Pasaquan lavishly fuses African, pre-Columbian Mexico and Native American cultural and religious symbols and designs, along with motifs inspired by Edward Churchward’s books about “The Lost Continent of MU.”

“I built this place to have something to identify with. Here I can be in my own world, with my temples and designs and the spirit of God. I can have my own spirits and my own thoughts.” ~St. EOM


I highly recommend visiting Pasaquan if you have the opportunity!

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