Presentations & Workshops

Multicultural Training

  • Development of cultural awareness for therapists’ in training
  • Multicultural considerations and practices for elementary-aged Latin@ children
  • Normative data of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) in assessment
  • Faculty of color perspectives in predominantly white spaces
  • Intersectionality in understanding women in various contexts
  • Cultural issues in behavioral and developmental pediatrics
  • Community psychology in international contexts
  • Balancing evidence-based and culturally-sensitive treatments

Suicide Prevention

  • Intimate partner violence and suicide ideation

Human Trafficking

  • Impact of trauma on the body and the brain and recognizing effects of trauma
  • Counter-intuitive victim behaviors
  • Trauma bonding
  • Building rapport with survivors
  • Eliciting evidence from victims
  • Promoting healing in complex and chronic trauma of survivors
  • Assessing and treating polyvictimization of survivors
  • Best practices and tools for working with survivors
  • Mental health considerations for working with survivors
  • Systemic considerations in addressing needs of survivors
    • Social Services
    • Emergency Medical Responders
    • Legal providers
  • Trauma informed care for survivors

Abuse & Trauma

  • Family systems adaptation of trauma focused treatment for maltreated children
  • Approaches for parents in the context of child maltreatment
  • Positive discipline and child abuse prevention
  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Healing related to war-related conflict
  • Impacts of maltreatment and trauma informed treatment
  • Intersections of poverty and social class on child development
  • Systemic screening and tracking of maltreated children
  • Transnational conceptualization of trauma
  • Vicarious traumatization
  • Consultation practices amidst trauma and loss
  • Concepts of resistance and liberation of Candomblé in an Afro-Brazilian Community
  • Restorative justice for child ex-combatants
 *Note: The following presentations were created via collaborations with multiple organizations and individuals. For a full list of authors and affiliations please contact ISP leadership.